Built To Last

Studio Album

Released: 1990


Foolish Heart [5:10]
Just A Little Light [4:42]
Built To Last [5:03]
Blow Away [6:09]
Victim Or The Crime [7:33]
We Can Run [5:30]
Standing On The Moon [5:20]
Picasso Moon [6:40]
I Will Take You Home [3:45]


Liner Notes:




Produced by: Jerry Garcia and John Cutler

Associate Producer/Programmer: Bob Bralove

Engineered by: John Cutler, Tom Flye, Jeff Sterling, David Roberts, Peter Miller, Justin Kreutzmann, Chris Wiskes

Digital Mastering: Joe Gastwirt

Album Coordination/Tour Management: John McIntire and Cameron Sears

Grateful Dead Crew: Ram Rod, Bill Candelario, Steve Parish, Harry Popick, Robbie Taylor, Bill Grillo

Concert Sound: Dan Healy

Lighting Designer: Candace Brightman

Grateful Dead Office: Eileen Law, Janet Knudsen, Sue Stephens, Mary Jo Meinolf, Maruska Nelson, Annette Flowers, Basia Raizene, Diane Geoppo, Nancy Mallonee, Cassidy Law, Danny Rifkin

Legal Counsel: Hal Kant

Catering: Dick Latvala

Sage: Bill Legate

Publicity: Dennis McNally

Cover Art & Direction: Alton Kelly

Photography: Ken Friedman

House of Cards: Anabelle Garcia, Ari Hollander, Aaron Muszalski

Recorded at: Club Front, San Rafael, California
Skywalker Ranch, San Rafael, California
Studio X, Petaluma, California

Mixed at: Club Front

Special Thanks to:
John Scher
LeMobile - Guy Charbonneau
Lucasfilm - George Lucas
Sprocket Systems - Tom Kobayashi and Tom Scott
John Kahn
Ultra Sound
Power Station
Eric Colby
Jeff Briss
Fred Layn
Jeffrey Norman
Howard Danchik
Clive Davis
Roy Lott
Bill Berger
Milton Sincoff
Sean Coakley
Rick Bisceglia
Ken Levy



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Built To Last was released in October 1989. This was Brent Mydland's last studio album with the Grateful Dead before his death.

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