Dick's Picks Volume Eleven

A Live Recording of September 27, 1972 at the Stanley Theater in Jersey City, NJ

Released: 1998


Morning Dew [12:38]
Beat It On Down the Line [3:35]
Friend of the Devil [4:06]
Black-Throated Wind [6:53]
Tennessee Jed [8:09]
Mexicali Blues [3:39]
Bird Song [11:47]
Big River [4:52]
Brokedown Palace [5:59]
El Paso [4:42]

China Cat Sunflower --> [7:25]
I Know You Rider [5:26]
Playin' In the Band [16:14]
He's Gone [13:31]
Me and My Uncle [3:39]
Deal [4:52]
Greatest Story Ever Told [5:29]
Ramble on Rose [6:28]

Dark Star --> [30:50]
Cumberland Blues [6:56]
Attics of My Life [5:11]
Promised Land [3:04]
Uncle John's Band [8:44]
Casey Jones [7:29]
Around and Around [5:18]


Liner Notes:

Concert Notes
By Paul Grushkin
9/27/72, Stanley Theater, Jersey City, NJ

first set

2nd night of midweek three. Jersey side of the Hudson plushy vaudeville palace, like the Harding in SF only bigger. roomy seats. great wide aisles. enormous curved balcony. will it be ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS? fully dosed just to be sure

Morning Dew
to open the first set????
Jerry lays it out cautiously at first
Can't walk you out in the Morning Dew... today a mindful to digest so early
ending IS a stupefying blur
two thousand people shake their heads. yeeeesh
Beat It On Down the Line
desperadoes off The Turnpike
Friend of the Devil
starting to get body rushes
Jerry blue
Donna black
Weir white
Lesh dark blue
Keith brown
Billy blue

the air sparkles with sound
Black Throated Wind
classic 2-stroke rockeroo
was that...Stones from a slingshot on by..?
3 heavy truckers in front of me. even ushers swaying
Weir shouting Another American lie
Tennessee Jed
singy-songy, resoluteful. rag-tag rebel army advancing on Union lines. crowd ROARS at each elevation
Mexicali Blues
garlicky salsa-drums
Lesh pitching his bass notes down & away
lusty New York cheering. Dead Heads and band inseparable
Bird Song
gingerly beginning
Tell me, all that you know. I'll show you, snowin rain
hard to discern what Jerry (or Hunter) talking about
Cryin' the dog. don't you cry. dry your eyes. ladada Da
into loopy stonerian jam. people jigglin' wavin' shakin' tappin' in long ripply waves. ringlets of sound
Big River
burbly warm beat. rosy smiles. friends giggling
Lesh goofy looking but dead serious
Weir long hair clean cut, square jaw determined
Brokedown Palace
prettiest and saddest feelings all at once
ea. Garcia couplet pronouncing heartfelt regret, hope
El Paso
Jerry and Bob charge to the finish, respond to roaring crowd w. nods
China Cat
our stomp of approval. are they ready to go at 10/4/70?
the ever-mysterious explication unfolds
I rang a silent bell, beneath a shower of pearls
jangly interlaced guitars meshing just exactly perfect into
I Know You Rider
an oldtime stony Rider. vintage, like brocade curtains above stage. piercing solo. then full-on accapella
Gonna miss your baby, from roll-ling in your arms!
Playin' In the Band
it's Bobby! Standing on a tower, WORLD at my command
into convoluted Miles Davis kind of thrash and squall
Donna s c r e a m s at end

break at 10:18

we stumble around and take stock

second set

everything goes dark again. crowd hesitant. expectant then full of joyous recognition. More Dead!

He's Gone
like mother to a flame, we are
Steeel Your Face right off your head
Donna lifts up her hair, bounces freak-style
Jerry grins. by god they're having a great time
family-style interplay betw. bandmembers
Like a steam locomotive, rolling down the track
He's goh-onnnnnne, nothin's gonna bring him back

fantastic spotlighting by the crew
Me and My Uncle
suck in a hit of hash from buds Pete & All
the Englewood boys
now Dead begin to WHOMP ON audience
Goes to show, you don't ever know
crowd surges forward hollering like banshees
Watch each card you play, play it slow
heart racing music. barely can think, dance, breathe at same time. band definitely pleased w. resulting chaos
Billy shakes drumsticks at us
Greatest Story Ever Told
insinuating rhythm. a hook-laden ripper. Weir serious & fierce.
Moses comes riding, high on a quasar
Garcia frantically opening, closing loopholes
Says you can't close the door when the WALLS caved in
riotous cacophony. a backhand guitar finish
audience bellows in amazement
Ramble On Rose
intense red illumination. sea-going rumble power
THRUMMS from engine and propellers
Clank your chains and count your change
everyone shudders and rises. Grass ain't greener, wine ain't sweeter, either side of the hill
Dark Star
reverent applause, everything else tonite maybe just a lead-up. crowd quiets for first extended jam, even silence as Weir leads first. Garcia shading, then laying-on tones
odd little melodies winking & shimmering
Shall we go, you and I, while we can?
Lesh explodes thickly in the brain. we are headed for outer space. in the vast reaches of a collective imagination it is now. A FULL-BLOWN PSYCHO CIRCUS
into Cumberland Blues
shrill, insistent lead drilling a hole in my head
Make good money five dollars a day
three guitars and a keyboard vs Billy's drums
one word: interplay
Attics of My Life
Keith so tender. Garcia kind, saintly under blue-white light. crystal tears
Promised Land
the pit rocks out. yes! balcony bouncing
Dead moving big steel
Uncle John's Band
sweet happiness everywhere, all around. epiphany in Jersey City. Got some things to talk about, here beside the rising tide. Donna emerges stage left glowing like a Cheshire Cat--beautiful smile
Casey Jones
flares!! balcony now moving a foot in ea. diretion!!
Trouble ahead! Trouble behind! once more and still again once more DRIVIN' THAT TRAIN
wail and din like you nver heard. and then...
it's over

encore: Around & Around
old July 4th trick--shoot everything you got left high into the night

12:40 am, stumblng out into Jersey half-light completely dead to the world
did they really open with Morning Dew?


This release was digitally mastered directly from the original half track 7 1/2 ips analog tapes. It is a snapshot of history, not a modern professional recording, and may therefore exhibit some minor technical anomolies and the unavoidable effects of the ravages of time.



Grateful Dead
Stanley Theater 9/27/72

Jerry Garcia: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux: Vocals
Keith Godchaux: Keyboards
Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
Phil Lesh: Electric Bass, Vocals
Bob Weir: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Recorded by: Owsley Stanley & Bob Matthews

Tape Archivist: Dick Latvala
CD Mastering: Jeffrey Norman
Ferromagnetist: John Cutler
Design by: Gecko Graphics
Photography by: Jonas Grushkin
Stanley Photography by: Tina Easton



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Dick's Picks Volume Eleven was released in June 1998. It is from 9/27/72 at the Stanley Theatre, Jersey City, NJ.

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