Dick's Picks Volume Sixteen

A Live Recording of November 8, 1969 at Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco

Released: 2000


Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [13:33]
Casey Jones [4:52]
Dire Wolf [8:24]
Easy Wind [9:05]
China Cat Sunflower --> [3:46]
I Know You Rider --> [5:40]
High Time [7:48]
Mama Tried [3:13]
Good Lovin' [9:18]
Cumberland Blues [4:19]

Dark Star --> [14:10]
The Other One --> [12:02]
Dark Star --> [1:01]
Uncle John's Jam --> [2:43]
Dark Star --> [3:05]
St. Stephen --> [7:45]
The Eleven --> [14:02]

Caution --> [17:29]
The Main Ten --> [3:10]
Caution --> [9:02]
Feedback --> [7:58]
We Bid You Goodnight [3:22]
Turn On Your Lovelight [25:29]


Liner Notes:


This release was digitally mastered directly from the original half track 7 1/2 ips analog tapes. It is a snapshot of history, not a modern professional recording, and may therefore exhibit some minor technical anomalies and the unavoidable effects of the ravages of time.



Grateful Dead
Fillmore Auditorium, SF, CA 11/8/69

Tom Constanten: Keyboards
Jerry Garcia: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Mickey Hart: Drums
Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
Phil Lesh: Electric Bass, Vocals
Ron McKernan: Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals
Bob Weir: Rhthym Guitar, Vocals

Recorded by: Owsley Stanley
Tape Archivist: Dick Latvala
CD Mastering by: Jeffrey Norman
The Great Obstacle: John Cutler
Key Man: David Lemieux
Design by: Geck Graphics
Photography by: Rosie McGee
Special Thanks to Jim Wise for additional editing



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Dick's Picks Volume Sixteen was released in 2000. This is a live recording of 11/8/69 at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, CA.

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