Dick's Picks Volume Nineteen

A Live Recording of October 19, 1973 at Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City

Released: 2000


Promised Land [3:44]
Sugaree [8:18]
Mexicali Blues [3:58]
Tennessee Jed [8:00]
Looks Like Rain [8:05]
Don't Ease Me In [4:24]
Jack Straw [5:32]
They Love Each Other [5:44]
El Paso [4:51]
Row Jimmy [9:23]

Playin' In The Band [18:23]
China Cat Sunflower --> [9:11]
I Know You Rider [5:18]
Me and My Uncle [3:34]
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [7:30]
Big River [4:52]

Dark Star --> [15:45]
Mind Left Body Jam --> [10:41]
Morning Dew [13:55]
Sugar Magnolia [10:10]
Eyes of the World --> [14:31]
Stella Blue [7:57]
Johnny B. Goode [4:08]


Liner Notes:


Despite a rather skeevy ouverture, the sound quality of this release quickly settles into a nice, warm goove. Listen closely, however, for you may just find that your mind will be blown by the music contained herein.



Grateful Dead
Fairgrounds Arena
Oklahoma City, OK 10/19/73

Jerry Garcia: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux: Vocals
Keith Godchaux: Piano
Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
Phil Lesh: Electric Bass, Vocals
Bob Weir: Rhthym Guitar, Vocals

Recorded by: Bill Candelario
CD Mastering by: Jeffrey Norman
Tape Archivists: Dick Latvala, David Lemieux
Archival Research: Eileen Law/Grateful Dead Archives
Photography by: Jack Seaman, Byron Nygreen
Cover Art and Design by: Tina Carpenter
Cover Photos by: David DeNoma



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Dick's Picks Volume Nineteen was released in 2000. This triple-CD was taped live 10/19/73 at Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, OK. This concert features the first "Mind Left Body Jam."

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