Dick's Picks Volume Twenty

A Complete Recording of September 25, 1976 at Capital Centre, Landover, MD and September 28, 1976 at Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse, NY

Released: 2001


Bertha [ 5:27]
New Minglewood Blues [4:49]
Ramble On Rose [7:11]
Cassidy [4:43]
Brown-Eyed Woman [4:56]
Mama Tried [2:49]
Peggy-O [9:41]
Loser [8:18]
Let It Grow [12:26]
Sugaree [11:01]
Lazy Lightnin' [2:53]
Supplication [4:37]

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [11:28]
Dancing In The Streets [12:43]
Cosmic Charlie [8:39]
Scarlet Begonias [11:07]
St. Stephen [4:12]
Not Fade Away [9:57]
Drums [3:34]
Jam [2:05]
St. Stephen [2:03]
Sugar Magnolia [9:40]

Cold Rain and Snow [6:36]
Big River [5:55]
Cassidy [4:33]
Tennessee Jed [8:37]
New Minglewood Blues [6:06]
Candyman [7:25]
It's All Over Now [6:40]
Friend of the Devil [8:44]
Let It Grow [11:41]
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad [9:14]

Playin' In the Band [6:36]
The Wheel [7:07]
Samson and Delilah [8:01]
Jam [5:40]
Comes A Time [7:50]
Drums [4:58]
Eyes of the World [8:39]
Orange Tango Jam [4:46]
Dancing in the Streets [9:15]
Playin' In the Band [5:06]
Johnny B. Goode [4:33]


Liner Notes:


Dick's Picks Volume 20 was mastered from the original stereo 1/4" reel-to-reel tapes, running at 7.5 ips, from the PA mix. Through optimal sonic manipulation of these master tapes, we have aimed to create as good a replication of the live-concert experience as possible. Enjoy.



Grateful Dead

Capital Centre
Landover MD 9/25/76

Onondaga County War Memorial
Syracuse NY 9/28/76

Jerry Garcia: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux: Vocals
Keith Godchaux: Piano, Vocals
Mickey Hart: Drums
Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
Phil Lesh: Electric Bass
Bob Weir: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Live Recording: Dan Healy
CD Mastering: Jeffrey Norman
Tape Archivists: Dick Latvala, David Lemieux
Archival Research: Eileen Law/Grateful Dead Archives
Photography: Ed Perlstein C2001 (musicimages.com)
Cover Art and Design: Tina Carpenter
Cover Photos: David DeNorma
Special Thanks: Bob Minkin



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Dick's Picks Volume Twenty was released in 2001. This quadruple-CD was taped live 9/25/76 at the Capital Centre, Landover, MD, and 9/28/76 at the Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse, NY.

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