View From the Vault II

RFK Stadium, Washington, DC - June 14, 1991

Released: 2001


Cold Rain and Snow [7:00]
Wang Dang Doodle [6:39]
Jack-A-Roe [5:48]
Big River [5:43]
Maggie's Farm [7:44]
Row Jimmy [11:04]
Black-Throated Wind [7:19]
Tennessee Jed [7:49]
The Music Never Stopped [8:55]

Help On the Way [4:33]
Slipknot! [8:30]
Franklin's Tower [12:27]
Estimated Propher [13:08]
Dark Star [11:29]
Drums [9:54]
Space [6:26]

Stella Blue [13:10]
Turn On Your Lovelight [9:13]
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [7:16]

Bonus - RFK Stadium, Washington, DC - July 12, 1990

Victim Or The Crime [8:29]
Foolish Heart [10:10]
Dark Star [24:58]


Liner Notes:

How is it that a city so obsessed by the threat of subversion could overlook the biggest band of fanatics to ride into town in the late 20th century. How could the gatekeepers of Washington miss the invasion of ragtag legions, who not only did nothing to disguise themselves but proudly wore brightly hued uniforms? And how did the likes of Jerry, Bobby, Mickey, Phil, and Billy find themselves not just within the halls of democracy, but in the dining halls of democracy, spoon to spoon with the fossilized likes of Strong Thurmond?

Well, because, unbeknownst to the rest of the country, Washington, D.C., likes to blow away the cobwebs every now and then, to “roll away the dew,” and boogie. For much of its its three decades, the Grateful Dead caravan regularly rumbled through D.C., and by sometime in the 1980s, it was clear that we were, indeed, everywhere. Deadheads had become bureaucrats and lobbyists, reporters and lawyers -- even senators.

The band’s suspicion of power eased as much as power’s suspicion of it did: There was tea with Tipper, guided VIP tours of the Smithsonian and the Capitol, lunch in the Senate dining room (scene of Jerry’s close encounter with Strom); Bobby lobbying for environmental causes, Mickey plotting to save rotting tapes.

June 14, 1991, was an especially mood-altering and even poignant stop. Brent was gone. To help break in Vince Welnick, Bruce Hornsby, a beloved local boy from the nearby Shenandoahs, had agreed the previous fall to help out for a while.

Hornsby didn’t wait long to make his presence known that June. After rousing the joint with a set-opening, straight-ahead “Cold Rain and Snow,” Bruce helped to open up “Wang Dang Doodle” with some fiery key-hammering. Ditto a few songs later when he, Jerry and Vince (sounding like a fiddle) took turns turning Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm” inside out, with Bobby Jerry, Bruce, Vince and Phil alternating the verses.

The second set features a hair-raising “Estimated Prophet” (with some especially haunting Bobby-shrieks) that dissolves into a one-verse “Dark Star” that explodes apart into drums, never to return. The band says good-bye with another Dylan song as an encore: “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.”

And thus, it really being all over and with the scales knocked from their eyes, the pipes blown clean, the denizens of D.C., were sent forth (properly subverted) to change from tie dye back to the costumes worn during the other half of their double-lives and to argue before judges, write laws and walk the streets of the nation’s capital with some extra swing in their gate as the coda to “Lovelight” ricochets between their ears.

-- Jon Frandsen, Takoma Park, MD



Lead Guitar, Vocals: Jerry Garcia
Drums: Mickey Hart
Piano, Accordion, Vocals: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Electric Bass, Vocals: Phil Lesh
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals: Bob Weir
Keyboards, Vocals: Vince Welnick

Recorded by: Dan Healy

Tape Archivists: Dick Latvala, Deavid Lemieux

CD Mastering: Jeffrey Norman

Design: Robert Minkin/

Album Coordination: Cassidy Law

Photography by: Susana Millman c2001

Package Design by: Robert Minkin/

Special Thanks:
RFK Stadium
D.C. Sports & Entertainment Commission
I.A.T.S.E., Local Twenty-Two, Washington, DC
Ram Rod



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